HSSAP Virtual Bidders Conference - Shared screen with speaker view
adamary sosa
Hi! Can an EHS-CCP grantee apply or does it have to be a HS grantee only?
Anne Garrison
when considering the full 5 year grant cycle when applying - does that mean that each year our cost per child would be the same each year? Or does this mean, that our budget would be segmented to be a different amount each year...wanting to make sure I understand. It sounds like you are saying we would receive year 1 $, the same as what we would need for year 5. thank you...
Kelly Showers
Previously with some state grant systems there was a recommendation to use one specific platform to complete our grants (ie...Firefox vs. Chrome). Is there any restrictions like this for the e-grants system.
Dr. Brenda Robertson
We understand that if a grantee did not have 90% enrollment on March 1, the award will be prorated and will be considered when distributing remaining funds. So, should the grant application be written for the full number of slots we desire to have funded or just the number of slots enrolled as of March 1. If only for the number enrolled as of March 1, how will the department know we are interested in additional slots?
Deborah Wise
There is a discrepancy between the application guidance and this webinar on score for grantee status.. the application guidance is ALWAYS the official directions for this RFA. Grantee status is worth 30 points, not 50.
Deborah Wise
Family and Community section is worth 120 points not 140.
Shelley Eppihimer
Would it be possible to have a copy of the slides when the meeting concludes?
Requesting a copy of the slides as well.
Carol Owens
I would also like copy of slides.
Lindsey Fredericks
The eGrants electronic signature (Appendix D) Resolution section only needs to be submitted, if the proposal is successful. It DOES NOT need to be submitted in the eGrants system with the application on or before March 28?
Shawna Meiser
Is there a maximum percentage increase in teacher wages that we can apply for? What kind of evidence do we need to support this request to increase wages while keeping slots the same?
Chris Rodgick
May I assume that there are word count or character limits for the questions?
Kelly Showers
Is that applicable to wages for all staff? We're struggling to find program aides and asst. teacher.
Wilma Torres
While you stated the grant amount is the same each year, if we use the same amount each year then we are not considering rise in health insurance, other cost or consider a Cola for staff. How do you propose we handle potential increases over the next 5 years? Thank you
Wilma Torres
Yes it makes sense
Shawnee Hooper
thank you all for taking time to do this. very helpful
Cassie Weaver
When will the FAQ document be posted?
Dawn Smith
Susan Fisher
Our CEO retires March 31st. His replacement has been hired. If signatures are due after the grant is submitted, the signature will not be what was on the LOI. Is that okay?
Carol Owens
How long is the turn around to gain access to e-grants?
Jessica Vogt
As a current Early Head Start partner site through Maternity Care Coalition, and a current Pre K Counts Lead Agency, is are we eligible to apply for Head Start Funding as a Lead Agency?
Cassie Weaver
One of our HSSAP funded classrooms typically run year-round. Can we plan on serving families in July/August or should we wait to reopen that classroom until September?
Lindsey Fredericks
Is the signature on the LOI (Chief Authorized Official) the Executive Director of the agency or the Board of Directors President?
Jessica Vogt
Do you expect this to go to Open Bid at any point for organizations that are not currently funded to have the opportunity to apply
Cassie Weaver
Thank you, Deb. That answer is helpful for our planning.
Carol Owens
Based on Deborah Wise's response on July and August services do you have a date of when we can expect to receive notification of award?
Martine Saint-Vil
For the HSSAP, only agency who holds a FederaL HS grant can apply?
Shawnee Hooper
Would the submitted justification of enrollment meet the expectation of the 90% enrollment?
Martine Saint-Vil
Got it!
Leonard Rossio
If we think that we will need all of the money that we've allocated in Year 1 for each of the budget categories across all five years of the grant cycle, and any cost increases would therefore need to be absorbed by alternate/local funding sources, then could we provide a five-year HSSA budget projection that does not change year-to-year for the purposes of the e-grant application?
Holly Levenson
repeat that pls
Carol Owens
If response to letter of intent indicates EDNA agency information needs to be update is response to email notification the right way to handle or do we need to change online somewhere?
Carol Owens
Okay, thank you, we sent response to James Redd, will wait to hear back from him.
Dorothy Starr
What is EDNA?
Pam Johnson
Can the link be provided to access school district teacher salaries or where to look on PDE
Leonard Rossio
Just to clarify, when you say "option" to do the five-year budget projection, you don't mean that it is optional (i.e., you must include a completed five-year budget, with all tabs completed), but it could be an identical cost distribution for each year, with a simple narrative explanation that any increased expenses that become necessary for the continued operation of the program at the proposed scope (that are not offset by unexpected reductions in other costs) would be absorbed by local resources, correct?
Pam Johnson
Thank you Deb
Leonard Rossio
yes, thanks for the clarification.
Leonard Rossio
no worries
Curt Gussler
Chris Rodgick
Thank you!
Kelly Showers
Thank you!
Shawnee Hooper
thank you I have to jump off for another meeting
Mary Ann Devlin
Thanks, everyone! Take care.
Susan Fisher
Thank you
Zachary Trump
Thank you!
Kimberly Sexauer
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Carol Barone-Martin
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